Ansys and PTC work to bring real time simulation to Creo

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Ansys and PTC have announced a partnership to bring Ansys Discovery Live (ADL) directly into the Creo interface.

The combined solution will be sold by PTC and its partners as part of the Creo price book and will bring together one of the beasts of 3D product engineering and the simulation world’s hottest new technology.

If you’re not familiar with it, Ansys Discovery Live offers a new approach to simulation by taking advantage of the power of GPU computing to provide simulation results in near real-time (our review from the time of launch is here).
While in its original form, perhaps the longest part of the process is importing your CAD geometry into the Discovery Live system, in this instance, it should be even more efficient.

“With the combined solution engineers will be able to see the real-time results of simulation during the modelling process, enabling them to understand design changes in their models,” said PTC CEO and president Jim Heppelman.


“This capability has the potential to dramatically improve engineering productivity and quality and the combined solution can be a differentiator in the market. Partnering with ANSYS makes tremendous sense on every level.”

There’s no word of other CAD vendors looking to integrate Discovery Live or how this system can interact with the tools already in Creo Simulate (we’ll find out soon), but we’d bet this isn’t the last time that we’ll see Discovery Live integrated directly into a 3D CAD system.

It’s also worth noting how this ties in with PTC’s industrial digital twin activities and enabling real-time simulation to be linked up to real-time data streams from products in the field and push warnings back to operators. This wouldn’t be possible using traditional simulation tools (given the often lengthy solve times), but with ADL, it most certainly could.

Usual sneak peek video below and Mark Hindsbo of Ansys’s blog post is here.

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