New Amazon partnership with Autodesk gives Generative Design new powers

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Autodesk has announced its new partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide the Cloud platform for Autodesk Fusion 360’s Generative Design capabilities.

As part of the launch, 1,000 new Fusion 360 Ultimate subscribers will receive 500 additional cloud credits to get started with the new design technology – on top of the 1,000 credits already provided – enough to potentially run two full scale part solve studies.

Launched by Stephen Hooper, senior director of industry strategy and business development for Autodesk Manufacturing, the news arrived at the company’s Autodesk University London user event.

Stephen Hooper announces the news at Autodesk University London

“It’s super cool working with a customer at enterprise level to push the envelope of what you can do, but our goal is to make these tools accessible to everyone,” said Hooper at the press launch.


“The idea with Fusion is that you’re putting the data in the Cloud, so that anyone [on the team] has access to it wherever they are in the world. It also means that you can start to manipulate that data with services that are Cloud-bound, which means you can employ parallel compute.

“It’s an engineering platform that combines design, engineering and manufacturing in the Cloud. When you do that you create the ideal environment for Generative Design.”

“The power of the cloud is a key enabler to bring generative design technology to designers and engineers in a fast and cost-effective way,” said Josef Waltl, global industrial software segment lead at AWS.

“With the close collaboration between Autodesk and AWS, customers will be enabled to design and produce highly innovative products which outpace existing design in economic and environmental dimensions.”

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