Altair SimSolid Cloud

Altair releases SimSolid Cloud for faster, more flexible simulation

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Altair has announced the release of Altair SimSolid Cloud, which aims to enables users to access next-generation simulation technology from any web browser, anywhere and at any time.

The new cloud-native structural simulation software should eliminate the need for geometry simplification and meshing, which are two of the most time-consuming and expertise-intensive tasks done in traditional finite element analysis.

As a result, SimSolid Cloud should deliver results in seconds to minutes, and effortlessly handles complex assemblies.

“We believe SimSolid Cloud has the potential to dramatically accelerate and simplify the daily work of finite element structural analysis users in all markets,” said Altair CEO James R. Scapa.

“Anyone using conventional finite element tools will be left behind if they do not embrace this technology soon.”

SimSolid Cloud should also offer structural linear and nonlinear static, modal vibration, and thermal stress analyses that users can perform within their preferred web browser.

The software should also include mesh-free technology and full-fidelity CAD simulation, comprehensive physics support, adaptive solver technology, automated model connections, an intuitive user-friendly interface, and extensive material library.


Altair said SimSolid Cloud is suitable for design engineers working on complex projects across various industries, engineering analysts and consultants who want to handle complex geometries and conditions, and more.

It is great for users in all industries, especially those in industrial machinery, tooling and equipment manufacturing, heavy equipment, consumer products, and AEC.

SimSolid Cloud is available via Altair One, Altair’s cloud innovation gateway that offers collaborative access to simulation and data analytics technology alongside scalable high-performance computing and cloud resources.

By offering flexible subscription options, Altair said it aims to make SimSolid Cloud’s advanced engineering capabilities available to all, especially independent professionals and small and medium-sized businesses looking to optimise their design and engineering processes without significant investments in hardware or software maintenance.

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