Desktop CNC makers Other Machine Company acquired by former Makerbot CEO Bre Pettis

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Former Makerbot head honcho and Maker Movement poster boy Are Pettis has re-entered the desktop fabrication market as the new owner of the Other Machine Company.

“I believe that supporting creative explorers and empowering human potential is the most worthwile endeavor,” wrote Pettis on his personal blog announcing the acquisition.

The Othermill Pro, with a spindle speed of around 26,000rpm, quiet enough to use in an office or classroom, and priced at around $3,100, is described by Pettis as “the cutest CNC milling machine… tiny, but strong”.
The latest version can mill circuit boards, carve complex 3D shapes in metal, wood and other materials, make molds and engrave a variety of materials.

Since leaving MakerBot in 2014,following its acquisition by 3D printing giant Stratasys, Bre Pettis has run his own company, Bre & Co., that is exploring the frontiers of craftsmanship, advanced manufacturing and iterative design.

Dr. Danielle Applestone, CEO of Other Machine Co., stated: “Continuing to lead Other Machine Company as CEO is an incredible opportunity, and I’m thrilled to have Bre’s support. I look forward to building on our commitment of accessible prototyping machines for professional engineers and empowering a generation of students who use the Othermill Pro to learn and make their ideas a reality.”


Read our story tracking the of the Othermill, from an educational research project, through crowdfunding, to a commercial product, free here.

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