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Mark Little

At LUMA-iD we design, build, test and manufacture prototypes and products.

These range from PR projects, like our work on the Sega Power Fist, to small-batch production parts such as Subaru spoiler risers and tooling design for biodegradable water bottles, as well as VR headsets and bike indicators products, which are sold worldwide.

We have just moved into our new studio, right by the Thames Barrier in south east London, which has its own dedicated, closed-off workshop area.

The vital step of knolling or laying out components neatly before starting work on an assembly


Fully working prototypes of the L-Bow Safety Bike Light with SLA lenses, made on a Form2 3D printer

What are your weapons of choice?
On that list, you might expect to see SolidWorks, Fusion360, Keyshot, Google Sheets, pen and paper, our Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer and blue modelling foam.

Working with companies like Protolabs and Lasercut.London, LUMA-iD offers clients speedy turnaround times. This Mogees prototype was designed and manufactured in less than two weeks

LUMA-iD’s co-founders, Luke Vos and Mark Little

What technology/product couldn’t you live without in your workspace?
It sounds slightly sad to say, but Whatsapp would be one of those technologies. The reason is that in the last couple of years, we have found our team and clients collaborating across counties and countries and, using Whatsapp, we can get answers to our questions far faster than before.

The team at LUMA-iD favours a facing-inwards, central desk layout to facilitate quick and free-flowing communication on complex design projects

What is missing from your toolset?
Right now, we’re thinking of purchasing Rhino3D. While SolidWorks and Fusion are both fantastic programs, they can sometimes struggle with importing and exporting the wide variation of files that Rhino3D can handle.

Director and product designer, LUMA-iD, London

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