Where I work

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Directors Andrew Aylesbury and Alex Lee

We are a product design consultancy with our core services being concept generation, CAD, prototyping, 3D printing and manufacturing support. We are evenly split between helping entrepreneurs looking to commercialise an idea and larger businesses looking to extend their product line.

We share a grade II listed regency villa in Cheltenham with our sister company Albright IP. It’s handy being able to just walk across the hall to talk to an attorney.”

Our HQ – county house in Cheltenham


Studio shot of SolidWorks CAD in action

What are your weapons of choice?
SolidWorks is integral to our work. Our latest ‘Form 2’ 3D printer is now three months old and I can’t think of a day it hasn’t been running.

BrightSpark bicycle indicator under development

A rare break for our ‘Form 2’ 3D printer

What technology/product couldn’t you live without in your workspace?
We couldn’t live without our toasty machine, which was a ‘rider’ demanded by one of our designers Joe. Also, our coffee machine (has to be a George Clooney special), which luckily comes in DUKU green. On the prototyping side, a hammer and set of files are very useful tools for ‘light adjustments’.

What is missing from your toolset?
I like the look of the latest Wacom Cintiq and the Bamboo Slate.

Some of our latest developments including the award-winning ‘Loo Blade’

The office essentials

Is there anything that would make your design process run smoother?
We would like to increase our prototyping capabilities. We are looking at getting a 5-axis CNC machine to speed up our prototyping processes.

Andrew Aylesbury, director – Duku – Cheltenham, UK