DEVELOP3D LIVE 2018 Preview

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The digital design revolution continues to grow apace. Having moved from 2D drawings to 3D modelling, the concept of the digital prototype is now the pervasive way designers develop their products.

Combining this with the now matured 3D printing technologies, the industry has reached a tipping point where it moves from a tool mainly used for prototyping to a tool for direct manufacture, from low volume aeroplane parts to mass market sneakers.

In the past year the DEVELOP3D editorial team has also been fortunate to see software in development, which has left us quite frankly head scratching, as these new capabilities look closer to the products of witchcraft and alchemy than a few blokes writing C++.

The world of Tony Stark is imminent! DEVELOP3D LIVE gives us an opportunity to bring many of these technologies to Warwick University, some on show for the first time.

The next generation of modelling tools will feature heavily this year and design on the cloud is now the focus of at least three major developers: Autodesk Fusion, Onshape (which was launched at DEVELOP3D LIVE 2015) and now SolidWorks Xdesign.

While these products were embryonic in their capabilities, they are rapidly maturing, being updated monthly with new capabilities coming in frequent ‘dollops’.


While not having a major impact in the traditional desktop product sales, these tools are finding new users who in the past couldn’t afford or didn’t consider buying professional level modelling tools. These are perhaps seen as adjacent seats for the current generation of design tools but their development velocity will eventually make them contenders.

Warwick Arts Centre

DEVELOP3D LIVE returns to Warwick Arts Centre on the campus of Warwick University. This year we not only take over the whole Centre but also the new Oculus building, which is opposite. Regular attendees may notice some changes to the layout from previous years, with a new temporary main theatre off from the main exhibition area, making the event a tad more compact.

Core streams

This year we are running four rooms with five streams : Mainstage, Additive Manufacture, Start-up, Document Management and Viz.

The Mainstage kicks off with our two keynote speakers, followed by CEO, CTOs and VPs of the leading CAD firms to highlight updates and forthcoming design technology, along with a few fascinating customer stories. We will also be scheduling regular ten minute talks throughout the day on a technology that’s either brand new or coming soon.

This year there is so much happening in Additive Manufacture that we are running talks throughout the whole day and we promise you some really great technology in materials and topology optimisation.

We have a morning of Start-up talks for those in the process of getting an idea from the shed to the masses, with advice and stories form those that have done it.

New to the event is the Document Management stream, which will look at advances in design management tools.

Our Viz track goes nuclear in 2018. Always so popular it’s been hard to get a seat in the room. This year it gets its own 500 seater auditorium and a whole day of rendering, AR/VR and materials wonderment.


As usual, registration is free and we include food and tea/coffee in the breaks. With the increasing popularity of the event, we urge you to arrive early for registration and get your seat for the mainstage keynotes.

CLAIM YOUR FREE TICKET here. We look forward to welcoming you to DEVELOP3D LIVE at Warwick Arts Centre, CV4 7AL on Tuesday 20 March

Hackrod is redefining the way vehicles are designed, engineered and produced in the 21st Century

Keynote speakers

We always have outstanding keynote speakers and this year is no exception.

Our first keynote to take the stage will be Mike (Mouse) McCoy, a film director, producer, motorcycle racer and now CEO of Hackrod, a firm which specialises in custom vehicles and aims to produce the first generatively designed and metal 3D printed car. In fact, Hackrod is currently building a huge print bed for metal 3D printing with simultaneous machining.

McCoy believes strongly in the democratisation of car design and manufacturing and sees a future where artificial intelligence and new 3D printing techniques will liberate customers from what big auto produces for the masses.

The all-electric Lucid Air is a new class of vehicle, one with unparalleled comfort, performance, and convenience

For our second keynote, we are very pleased to announce that California-based Lucid Motors will be talking about the development of its first electric vehicle, the Lucid Air.

This luxury sedan will come in a variety of configurations, with a 400-mile range from its on-board 100kWh battery. It’s also fast, with acceleration from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. With a factory being built in Arizona, Lucid has a target market date for 2018.

Eric Kam of ESI Group will be talking about how to bridge the physical to digital divide in computer based engineering


This is one of our most popular DEVELOP3D tracks that covers concept design, digital art tools, rendering, animation, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality(AR) and the hardware that’s required.

We have typically had a 250 seat theatre for this track but it’s always standing room only. So this year we have moved to a 500 seat auditorium in a building two minutes away from the main conference.

DEVELOP3D VIZ will run in parallel to DEVELOP3D LIVE and will feature speakers from product design, architectural design, digital artists, VR/AR, materials specialists, as all these technologies converge.

Desktop Metal, a provider of metal 3D printing systems, will be one of the speakers at DEVELOP3D Live

Additive Manufacture

We’re at the point of infl ection for Additive Manufacturing (AM) across a huge spectrum of industry.

There are planes flying with AM parts on board, people running every day in shoes with AM midsoles and millions are already benefiting from advanced implants and prosthetic devices.

Our full day AM track will explore from advanced tools for design and engineering, the rapidly advancing world of materials and into the final production and validation of your parts.

Data management

For the last 30 years, we have been creating design and engineering data and while some have brought data management techniques to wrangle some sort of order to this wealth of intellectual property and mission critical information, many have not.

With the rise of cloud-based computing, artificial intelligence and the requirement to work across multiple geographic boundaries, with multiple partners, suppliers and customers, do the old guard of data management solutions still cut the mustard?

This session with present new thinking in the world of data management, collaboration and more effi cient and connected ways of working.

More talks: DEVELOP3D LIVE Boston

We have recently uploaded the majority of the talks that took place at the last DEVELOP3D LIVE at Boston University in October last year. Highlights include: New Balance on sneaker design, Greg Mark of Markforged, Phil De Simone, Carbon3D, Ric Fulop of Desktop Metal, Eric Cam of ESI Group, Tara Anderson of 3D Systems, John Kawola of Ultimaker, Ansys, PTC, Autodesk, SolidWorks, Siemens and Onshape, to name but a few.

These are available here or on the DEVELOP3D channel on Youtube.

A taste of what’s in store at the DEVELOP3D LIVE 2018 event

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