How to launch a product: Render its ass off

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I know so little about cameras and cinematography equipment I’m not qualified to even comment about this product’s capabilities, but seeing a product launch, with these kinds of visuals, makes me a very happy man. Apparently Red was founded by Oakley founder Jim Jannard. I’ve also heard, but not yet confirmed that they use SolidWorks and from the look of these visuals, I’d say HyperShot too.

In terms of what you’re looking at, this is a Lego style configurable camera, you buy the sensor (referred to as the Brains), then add on all the accessories you want. As Martyn said to me, “Umm no idea what that camera system does other than look cool and expensive” I couldn’t agree more – but then that’s what good design sometimes, making something so ball achingly cool that you know you want it – without really knowing what it is you’re lusting after.

Oh and this thing is the 3D mount.


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