XYZprinting and SolidWorks partner for 3D Printing

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XYZprinting’s partnership with SolidWorks increases ease of use to two popular educational resources

Dassault Systèmes has announced that SolidWorks will now integrate specifically designed 3D printing solutions for XYZprinting’s product ecosystem.

The new integration will let users print direct from SolidWorks, letting users ‘seamlessly design and 3D print’ from select XYZprinting devices.

Currently XYZprinting are one of the leading Desktop 3D printer manufacturers, with both FDM, DLP and SLA options. The partnership with SolidWorks continues the push to make ease of use key, while linking popular tools in the education sector.
“We are encouraged that 3D printing companies such as XYZprinting are planning to take steps to elevate the software experience; this will not only make 3D printing easier for users, but more accessible given the broad range of products and affordability such as those from XYZprinting, said SolidWorks director of Alliances & Partnerships Nicholas Iwaskow, director.

“The combination of our technologies leverages both of our experiences in the 3D printing space.”