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Gifts For Designers 2022

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Gifts for Designers 2022

Having spent time in all kinds of design studios and offices around the world, we’ve put together a round-up of some of the best gifts for designers, to make the work of the designer in your life just that little bit more pleasurable.

Whatever your budget, you can always sign them up for a free subscription to DEVELOP3D Magazine

Gifts for Designers – Desirable Desk Kit

1 Pentel Brush Sign Pen Pigment, £15
A stocking-filler for sketching-up a storm, gift a five-pack of pigment brush pens

2 IKEA Arod Desk Lamp, £40
Add some industrial vibes to a desk with a very modern lamp

3 Octaevo Notebook/Planner, £17
Sketch out ideas, then flip it to keep on top of the work schedule

4 Aykasa Mini Plastic Folding Crate, £6
Clean-up with these multi-coloured mini crates for storage

5 Klean Kanteen stainless steel tumblers, £38
If they’re still drinking out of stolen pint glasses, upgrade their drinkware


6 Kal 2022 Wall Calendar, £32
Countdown to the weekend with this minimalist design

Gifts for Designers – Everyone Has Their Vices

7 Motörhead X Dark Arts Coffee – No Sleep, £15
Pretty sure Lemmy didn’t drink coffee, but if he had, it would’ve been a double shot of this (no ice)

8 Twin Pack Oastbrook Bubbles, £72
English fizz is the best in the world, so grab two amazing vintage bottles from this tried-and-tested vineyard

9 Minor Case Straight Rye, £50
Upgrade their bourbon, because Jack Daniels is for students

10 Lush CBD BathBomb, £7
Baths are vastly underrated. We checked out Lush earlier this year, with their CBD offering a favourite

11, Pinter! 2, £150

A brilliant bit of easy homebrew design, slots into the fridge to chill beer or cider before drinking

12 Tony’s Chocolonely Ultimate Bundle, £43
A dozen bars of Dutch wonder chocolate to see them through the winter

Gifts for Designers – Long-hours Luxury

13 Sonos Roam, £179
Remote working means taking that essential playlist with them, and Sonos has just the thing

14 KEF Mu3, £169
The sound of KEF kit is finely tuned, so block out the world by popping these noise-cancelling earbuds in

15 XenceLabs Medium Tablet Bundle, £288
Our hands-on experience puts this tablet bundle up there for pro users

16 Apple Watch Series 7, £369
Less a timepiece, more a personal assistant with their wellbeing in mind

17 Medipaq Luxury Orthopaedic Coccyx Seat Cushion, £20
Desk work wrecks havoc on posture; we could tell you about a £2k office chair, or simply upgrade the chair they already love

18 La Marzocco Linea Mini, £3,690
Yes, you could fly them to Florence to drink coffee all week for this price, but just bloody look at it! And it makes coffee!

Gifts for Designers – Workshop Wonders

19 Milwaukee M12 Stapler, £110
An astonishing bit of kit that does a horrible job with absolute ease, speed and accuracy

20 Digimatic Caliper, Mitutoyo, £85
Stop squinting at markers and make your inspection tools digital

21 Knipex VDE Pliers set, £84
Shock them with this set for life, that might save their lives from shock

22 WE1010 Solder Station, Weller, £186
Electronics prototyping in-house? Avoid temperature spikes with this solder iron

23 A2 Cutting Matt from 4D Modelshop, £17
An absolute must-have for desktop prototyping

24 Multi-Angle Vise, Stanley, £20
Find their best angle with this adjustable vise

Gifts for Designers – First Class Travel

25 Antler Clifton Carry-On, £149
Pack them off with this UK-designed hard-shell, in one of many stand-out colours

26 3D Connexion Space Mouse Compact, £135
Using CAD anywhere is great, but this 3D mouse makes it a breeze

27 Chrome Industries Vega 2.0, £147
Hooks over their carry-on bag handle to increase their luggage capacity

28 AirFly Pro Bluetooth headphone jack, Twelve South, £50
Keeps wireless headphones connected when onboard to reap the comfort benefits

29 Stanley Quick Flip, £28
Easy to fill, opens and closes with one hand, keeps the contents cool

30 Tile Pro, £25
Help them keep tabs on their kit with this redesigned, wider-reaching tracker

Gifts for Designers – Reading Matters

[Order from your local highstreet bookshop]

31 Yves Behar: Designing Ideas, £40
Explores over 60 of Behar’s designs, chronicling the concept and prototyping phases

32 Dieter Rahms: The Complete Works, £45
Are you even a designer if you don’t have a DR Bible to hand? This is the best yet

33 Muller Van Severen: Dialogue, £35
A decade of colourful, stripped-back Belgian beauty

34 Atari Design: Impressions on Coin-Operated Video Game Machines, £20
While everyone mulls over combining physical products and digital interfaces, Atari was first at doing it best

35 101 Things I Learned in Product Design School, £13
Sadly, no Dalmatians, but heaps of practical advice and thought provokers

36 Invention: A Life, James Dyson, £13
Put your money in the empty pockets of this kindly, salt-of-the-earth, impoverished old man this year…
Or, find and donate to a small charity where the money would be hugely appreciated and make a difference

All gift guide information correct at time of first publication