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Gifts For Designers 2020

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Gifts for Designers 2020

Having spent time in all kinds of design studios and offices around the world, we’ve put together a round-up of some of the best gifts for designers, to make the work of the designer in your life just that little bit more pleasurable.

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Gifts for Designers – Desirable Desk Kit

1 Rotring 800+ pencil, £35
Bridging analogue and digital, this top-end mechanical pencil has a built-in stylus tip

2 Desk Valet and charger, Tom Dixon x Native Union, £170
Keep your desk well-furnished and your phone charged with this machined aluminium valet

3 XL plain soft notebook, Moleskine, £12
Dispense with sketching on napkins and keep this classic notepad nearby
4 M fountain pen, Montblanc, £495
‘Pinging emails’ is for sales reps. Write something by hand with this Marc Newson-designed beauty
5 Temperature controlled mug, Ember, £99
Banish those forgotten-brew blues with a mug that keeps your beverage at the preferred temperature
6 Wall Calendar, Kal, £29
Countdown to the weekend with this minimalist design

Gifts for Designers – Lockdown Lifesavers

7 Gadget Sanitizer, QDOS, £60
You can stick your hands under a tap, but not your gadgets – instead tuck them in here for a quick clean under UVC light

8 Facemasks, Raeburn, £15
Keep those around you safe, and your day brighter with these shark masks


9 Silk Pillow and Oversized Eyemask, This Is Silk £48 & £28
There’s a litany of health benefits associated with these luxury silk pillowcases and eye masks – but truth be told, we could all do with a better night’s sleep, and these are the ticket

10 Glasses, Rock Optika, £305
We might not need to update our wardrobes for business meetings, but your face is now prime real estate in thousand Zoom calls. 2020 is definitely the year to upgrade eyewear with these UK designed specs

11 House Plant Collection, The Little Botanical New Home Bundle, £52
Freshen up the gloom with some instant greenery

12 Soap Bar, Soapsmith Christmas Edition Columbia Road, £10
You can hum whatever you want while scrubbing for 20 seconds, just be sure to use a soap that’s worth the time

Gifts for Designers – Everyone Has Their Vices

13 Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Rumbullion! XO 15 Years Old Rum, £59
Only dead pirates don’t drink rum

14 Hackney Coffee Company – Kingsland, £15
Put some fine-tasting zip into life with the London-based roaster’s signature espresso blend

15 Pinter!, £75
A brilliant bit of design means this home brew kit for fresh beer needs barely any effort, offers lots of variety, and slots into your fridge to chill beer or cider before drinking

16 The London Botanist Dark Chocolate Infused With CBD, £6
Ease those stresses with 70% single origin dark chocolate from Ecuador to relax and restore

17 Lelo Sona Cruise 2, £119
Based on sonic waves, we found out more about the design of this luxury sex toy earlier this year

18 Cocoa Runners Chocolate Subscription, from £20pm
Desk-time snacking gets refined with this chocolate selection delivered monthly

Gifts for Designers – Long-hours Luxury

19 Wacom Cintiq Pro 24, from £1,900
The go-to screen for designers working with colour-critical workflows and diving into digital sketching

20 Apple iPad Pro, from £769
Apple’s portable for professionals promises more versatility and Apps for designers than ever before

21 Herman Miller Aeron Chair, from £949
Prevent posture problems caused by hunkering over desks all day

22 BOSE 700 noise-cancelling headphones, £289
Shut the world out and focus with noise-cancelling headphones

23 Sonos Symfonisk, £89
Sonos sounds at IKEA prices, with a design that can be easily hidden away, or even act as a shelf

24 Melitta EPOS Coffee Machine, £299
Get the perfect pour over coffee every time with this expertly engineered German design

Gifts for Designers – Workshop Wonders

25 A1 cutting mat, 4D Modelshop, £32
Low cost, high protection: your worktop will thank you

26 Dremel 3000 Rotary toolkit, £60
A multi-purpose friend, from smooth-finishing 3D prints to carving up a prototype

27 Digimatic Caliper, Mitutoyo, £85
Stop squinting at markers and make your inspection tools digital

28 WE1010 Solder Station, Weller, £186
Need to bring more electronics prototyping in-house? Avoid temperature spikes with this solder iron

29 Wera Tool-Check Pro, £54
A super compact toolkit that from the professional hand tool experts

30 Multi-Angle Vise, Stanley, £20
Find the best angle with this adjustable vise

Gifts for Designers – First Class Travel

31 RiutBag x35, Riut, £169
Max-out your carry-on with this backpack, complete with anti-theft design and interior sectioning

32 Rugged SSD, LaCie, from £149
Fast speeds, reliability and protective enclosure make LaCie’s back-up drives an orange back-up beacon, while their pocketable sizes mean they can go anywhere with you

33 3D Connexion Space Mouse Compact, £135
Using CAD anywhere is great, but this mouse makes it a breeze

34 Travel Organiser, Dapper Wrapper, £25
Keep things together with this tech tool-roll, and never lose those charger cables again

35 AirFly Pro Bluetooth headphone jack, Twelve South, £50
Keep wireless headphones connected when onboard and reap the comfort benefits with this excellent dongle

36 Reusable Coffee Cup, Circular&Co, £11
Reduce waste and stop spills wherever they’re heading with this reusable cup that’s made from recycled paper coffee cups

Gifts for Designers – Reading Matters

37 Design from the Alps 1920-2020, £45
Say bye-bye Bauhaus, and so long to Scandi – Upgrade your influences with your new favourite design region

38 Is Technology Making Us Sick? £13
Modern technology has been designed to aid our lives, but what is the impact of our increased interactions with devices, screens and algorithms?

39 Pencils You Should Know, £13
A pocket-sized love letter to one of the most important inventions in human history

40 Girls Garage, £22
Emily Pilloton started nonprofit Girls Garage to give girls the tools to build the world they want to see, now the book puts that same power into anyone’s hands around the world

41 Stockholm Design Lab: 1998–2019, £60
Branding with ‘simple, remarkable ideas’, from the go to group for transforming brands and businesses

42 How Innovation Works: And Why It Flourishes in Freedom, £20
Forget short-term symptoms like Donald Trump and Brexit, it is innovation that will shape the twenty-first century

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