VIDEO // Bosch solving problems on its manufacturing lines by using desktop 3D printed parts

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One of the biggest cost saving use points we’ve seen for 3D printers has been on the factory floor – producing customised jigs and fixtures, and replacing parts that wear out too easily on demand.

The Bosch production plant in Mondeville, France, is implementing such changes, proving that it can be done with a desktop FDM printer and a bit of ingenuity.

For example, a set of structurally simple plastic caps on the head of a robot, which is used to lay out electronic components on a circuit board, can cost €450 to buy, while 3D printing them on the facility’s Zortrax M200 3D printers takes just a few hours and costs about €1.
The quick thinking of Bosch’s workers – replacing robot grippers and easy to handle cord saver means that this single plant has saved in the region of €80,000 over the past few months.


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