Into the fold

Posted by - October 9, 2012
Twenty five years after designing his first folding bicycle, Mark Sanders has worked with Korean company Mando to develop the…

Inventor Publisher 2011

Posted by - March 29, 2011
Autodesk launched this product in Spring 2010, but as a result of a major delay at Her Majesty's Revenue and…

Vero VISI 18: Design

Posted by - November 25, 2010
Al Dean looks over the latest release of Vero Software's VISI CADCAM system with a specific focus on its design…

aesthetica 3.3

Posted by - August 3, 2010
A unique offering that helps bring together the diverse team often charged with maintaining Perceived Quality. Al Dean reports

Solidworks: The next generation

Posted by - March 5, 2010
At SolidWorks World, the CEOs of SolidWorks and its parent company Dassault Systèmes, presented a future vision of SolidWorks. The…