Xometry to fulfil quotes from 2D drawings for manufacture

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Xometry has unveiled its 2D Technical Drawing Marketplace, a platform to expand access to prospective job orders for over 3,000 American machine shops.

The Xometry 2D Technical Drawing Marketplace offers engineers and designers the ability to get quotes from Xometry’s network of US shops for projects that lack 3D CAD files.

Xometry states that it will guarantee the quality of the work – including parts produced from ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D-certified and ITAR registered facilities.

Jenn Ryan, senior VP Xometry Partner Network said she expects the move to bring in a ‘heavy volume’ of new quotes. “We recognise this is an uncertain time for American small businesses and we want our partners to know we are working hard to bring them new customers and new jobs.”

Having produced its own survey, Xometry found ’53 per cent of mechanical engineers worked with parts that lacked 3D CAD files’, which represents a potential $37 billion market.

Specifically these files were for legacy parts and in sectors where diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages issues are common, such as in aerospace and defence.

“COVID-19 has disrupted international supply chains, and our domestic machine shops are feeling pressure as well,” said Xometry CEO Randy Altschuler.


“Giving our Partner Network – top-rate American shops who are largely working in 2D already – access to 2D file quotes from our strong customer base is a win-win.

“Manufacturers get access to new project opportunities, and US-based customers have an easy path to reshore work and restore their supply chain.”

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