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TDM Systems and ToolsUnited partner for huge machining tool library

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TDM Systems users can now access over 900,000 machine tool data records from more than 40 manufacturers from the ToolsUnited data pool.

As an official partner, TDM Systems enables its users to purchase a ToolsUnited Flat package directly from them.

The partnership also now allows users to use the complete ToolsUnited data pool via CimSource. The extensive range of data covering a wide variety of machining tools also supports the digitalisation process.

This expansion of the data records available could help users optimises processes, with the wide array of tool data capable of increasing the efficiency of machining operations.

Direct access to tool data from over 40 manufacturers creates a high degreeTDM Systems ToolsUnited of flexibility and should make data management ultra-efficient.

“This partnership represents a huge increase in the data available to our users,” said TDM Systems head of strategic projects Uwe Sauer.

“We are now able to offer tool data for virtually every machining operation.”


TDM Systems’ own automated data creation solutions, such as the TDM WebCatalog or the TDM Data and Graphic Generator, should help minimise the effort required for data creation and maintenance.

The data handling process should be straightforward and intuitive. A TDM spokesperson explained that Tools are selected using the ToolsUnited filter function. The data records are placed in the ToolsUnited shopping cart and exported to TDM as a package.

“These records are then automatically checked in TDM and, if necessary, can be edited before they are saved in the master data.

“The partnership between TDM Systems and CimSource therefore represents an important step for machining companies in terms of the expansion and widespread use of tool data for efficient digital production.”

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