New Tradition Exhibition: Sheffield bringing back t’old timers

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Made North has announced its latest exhibition at the Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield, celebrating the North of England’s reputation for its exceptional craft and manufacturing heritage over the last 250 years.

Since the 1960s some manufacturing sectors ‘oop norf have been in decline and in some cases almost extinct with economic pressures to move production abroad.

Yet this exhibition looks at the work of a range of manufacturers who have survived, remaining based in the north of England for hundreds of years, whose work demonstrates a unique combination of craft skills, materials, production values and expertise.
The exhibition will explore contemporary perceptions of consumer value and our increased desire for authenticity, quality and craftsmanship that is redefining contemporary craft and the UK’s manufacturing industry.

This is a great taster of what is to come with Made North announcing Sheffield Design Week is to take place this summer, 23-28 June, which will be a citywide celebration of design in all its forms.


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