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SolidCAD launches Make Productivity for PowerMill

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Make Productivity for PowerMill has been launched by SolidCAD, a Canadian Autodesk Platinum Partner to boost CAM programming productivity, overcome skilled labour shortages, and optimise machine scheduling and utilisation by programming well ahead of run-time.

Equipped with a suite of calculators and tools for daily programming, Make Productivity provides the capabilities to automating simple and complex multi-axis manufacturing processes, along with on-demand digital learning modules and training content for the user’s self-directed learning plans.

According to SolidCAD Make Productivity can allow users to automate 90-100% of their complex finish programming by using the guided workflow.

Paired with Autodesk’s PowerMill Ultimate, the product allows for simultaneous 5-axis programming automation and enhanced machine simulation of NC programs, tool changes, and laser cycles. Users can now optimise after-hours license use by creating a batch calculation queue for ‘lights-out’ calculation of multiple projects.

“SolidCAD is responding to our customer’s needs for a robust and customisable solution to automate their complex CAM programming processes,” said SolidCAD additive manufacturing sales manager Robert Kobielski.

“Make Productivity is providing the enhancements and value-added tools for which our customers have been requesting, and we are pleased to have developed this collaboratively to suit these needs.”

SolidCAD offers two versions of the product that work with Autodesk’s Standard or Ultimate versions of PowerMill.


Make Productivity and PowerMill Standard users will have the ability to rapidly create NC code for high-speed 3-axis machining, 3+2 programming, 2.5D milling, turning, and toolpath safety verification.

Make Productivity and PowerMill Ultimate will have all the standard features plus machine simulation, tool change and laser cycle validation, and access to full 5-axis programming with automatic collision avoidance, robot programming, electrode programming, hybrid manufacturing, and more.

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