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Sandvik partners with HCL CAMWorks for PrimeTurning

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Sandvik Coromant has announced its partnership with HCL Technologies, to integrate its PrimeTurning technology into HCL CAMWorks software.

The new partnership looks to help HCL CAMWorks users efficiently and securely plan PrimeTurning operations and maximise machining productivity.

The PrimeTurning methodology and supporting tools provide what Sandvik calls the first true ‘all-directional turning’ solution, that unlike conventional turning operations, allow machine shops to complete longitudinal (forward and back), facing and profiling operations with a single tool.

Using two multipurpose tools, CoroTurn Prime A-type and B-type, PrimeTurning can deliver greater efficiency and productivity results compared to conventional turning.

“Partnering with HCL CAMWorks is vital to ensuring customer satisfaction and helping them to improve efficiency” said Marko Stugbäck, product manager for digital machining business at Sandvik Coromant.

“This new partnership means that our mutual customers can enjoy the benefits of our technology through an integrated channel, which makes the programming of machining operations more efficient and easier to manage. For instance, PrimeTurning can deliver a 50 per cent productivity increase, turning flexibility in all directions and greater machine utilisation, reducing time set up and tool changes,” continued Stugbäck.

“HCL CAMWorks software is not only vital to machining operations like that of turning methods, but it also plays a major role in helping the wider manufacturing sector adapt to Industry 4.0. With this partnership, we aim to bring more value to end users and equip them with the tools needed for manufacturing in a digitalised world.”


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