InfinitForm MAIN Launch CNC Optimisation

InfinitForm launches to optimise designs for machining

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InfinitForm has launched its initial software taking advantage of GPU processing power, promising to transform the design for manufacturing process with highly optimised designs capable of being CNC machined at speed and with efficiency.

InfinitForm says that its platform integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, offering engineers and manufacturers unparalleled capabilities and using parametric CAD not meshes.

From concept to production, the software looks to help users can benefit from advanced generative AI design, simulation and optimisation tools, streamlined collaboration features, and an intuitive user interface, all aimed at accelerating product development.

The parts can be optimised for a multitude of design and manufacturing options including cost, performance and machining efficiency, while the software features built-in FEA and can export parts in common formats.

Built by the founders of generative design for additive software, Paramatters, which was acquired by Carbon in 2019, InfinitForm has been in stealth having raised seed funding, led by Schematic Ventures, in December 2023 and has swiftly progressed from a beta version to a commercial product.

“Generative design solutions work well for additive, but they don’t work well for traditional manufacturing,” said Dr. Michael Bogomolny, now founder and CEO of InfinitForm.

“When forms are ‘organic’ the machine times are very long, you have to replace tools and the part becomes ten-times more expensive than a regular machined part. This was the biggest problem.”



Users can import their CAD model, set their CNC machine parameters for whatever they wish to use, and InfinitForm will produce the most efficient optimised design, which can then be edited as a CAD model further if necessary.

The team has developed its GPU solvers from scratch, allowing it to run optimisations rapidly even on an intermediate spec GPU.

“At InfinitForm, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Bogomolny. “Our mission is to empower engineers with the tools they need to innovate and excel. With this new software platform, we’re not just facilitating product development; we’re revolutionising it.”