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Castor Enterprise recommends parts in your database for AM

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Castor Technologies has unveiled its proprietary software, Castor Enterprise, to enable manufacturers to automatically reduce costs and gain benefits from industrial 3D printing.

Castor Enterprise is an on-premises solution that automatically identifies cost reduction opportunities out of thousands of parts and assemblies at once, giving recommendations for parts that could be redesigned easiest to benefit from additive manufacturing processes.

The company states that its latest software is based on feedback derived from 30,000 parts analysed over the last 18 months by more than 80 enterprises, including Fortune 500 listed companies.

Amongst its features are the part’s consolidation and weight reduction identification capabilities, using a fast Finite Elements Analysis.

“We have seen our customers’ need for a solution that not only reveals the ‘low hanging fruits’ out of an existing design, but also identifies opportunities for Design for AM,”said Castor CEO Omer Blaier.

“With Castor Enterprise, we now provide a sophisticated tool which identifies those small changes that can have a huge impact on the company’s bottom line.”

Castor Enterprise is built in a way that allows advanced users to modify almost every default figure it sets, such as customised cost estimation calculations, material properties sensitivity, operational costs from various points of the supply chain, such as inventory, shipment, labour costs, and more.


It is PLM and ERP integration-ready and available completely off-line.

Castor Enterprise has been built on four pillars of ability:

    • Geometry limitations Analysis: based on minimum wall thickness and support material
    • Material properties Analysis: comparing the 3D printed parts’ mechanical properties to traditional manufacturing material properties
    • Structural analysis: considering external loads acting upon parts
    • Financial break-even point analysis vs. traditional manufacturing methods

“By automating the screening process of thousands of parts we save hours of AM professionals’ manual work. By quickly providing deep insights that can be translated into actionable decisions, we bring manufacturers closer to maximising the potential profit from 3D printing,” concluded Blaier.

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