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AM In-Process Monitoring from Authentise and Addiguru

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A collaboration between Authentise and Addiguru is looking to further integrate in-process monitoring of 3D printing into the Additive Manufacturing workflow.

Using cutting edge computer vision and artificial intelligence insight, the goal is to  into connected workflow software for real time actions.

Authentise is to add Addiguru’s real time monitoring solution, which uses novel computer vision and AI algorithms during the build process to inform the user of defects or failures, into the Authentise Manufacturing Execution System (AMES).

Addiguru’s monitoring platform is machine brand agnostic and can incorporate different kinds of sensors and data, making it easily incorporated into existing and newly developed powder bed additive manufacturing equipment.

The integration of both Authentise with Addiguru looks to provide a seamless experience for users seeking to gain practical use from their additive machine monitoring systems.

Alerts from the Addiguru algorithms create real-time notifications within the Authentise web interface and app, display images highlighting potential issues, and visually spotlight the alert within the full workflow view.

The full data suite of images and findings is automatically added to the real-time traceability alert and in a new analytics section for each machine and build.


This includes the ability to overlay detected anomalies with sensor data taken from Authentise’s access to machine data. Each user can also use this data to create custom alerts, reports and dashboards.

“Existing in-process monitoring tools either require the user to have spent days setting up trial prints or to click through every image to detect potential flaws,” said Addiguru CEO Shuchi Khurana.

“The combination of our AI-driven insight and Authentise’s workflow tools enables the user to gain practical benefit in a system they love by having all data and notifications in one place.

“This initiative with Authentise also moves us closer to our goal of an open architecture framework.”

“The collaboration with Addiguru is a success because each party brings unique skills: Authentise provides coherent control of the digital thread and access to machine data, to which Addiguru can add visual inspection and intelligent analysis,” said Authentic CEO Andre Wegner, adding that the collaboration is down to the continued inventiveness of the startup community.

“While incumbent providers try to develop everything in-house, we work with the brightest minds to ensure that critical, cutting-edge solutions enter the market rapidly.”

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