The Wacom Cintiq 24 is back, and all touchy-feely with multi-gesture capabilities

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Tom Cruise might be a little too preoccupied at the minute to reprise his Minority Report hand-swooshing finesse, but you can get in on the act with the new multi-touch Wacom 24 HD Touch.

Our favourite heavyweight Wacom design tool (30kg+) now has an upgraded flagship model, boasting amongst its upgrades a ‘ten-finger’ multi-gesture screen to help designers rotate, flip or whatever they wish (software permitting).

It has an upgraded display, showing 1.07 billion colours and 97 percent of Adobe’s colour gamut through an improved backlighting system; further developed express keys and touch rings, and software that will accurately distinguish your lil’pinky from your resting palm, or forehead slumped against the screen.

“Increasingly, as creative software incorporates multi-touch interaction and gesture support, the Cintiq 24HD touch provides a natural input experience for all related activities including concept sketching, illustration and especially 3D activities such as sculpting, modeling and animation,” says Guido Möller, product manager professional brands. “The ability to manipulate a 3D model or pan, zoom and rotate an image with one hand while simultaneously sculpting or sketching with the other delivers a completely natural experience, enabling artists to stay completely in their creative zone.”

In addition to compatibility Windows 8 multi-touch, and the usual Autodesk software, Wacom has been working with Dassault Systèmes to develop the CATIA platform for multi-touch gesturing – making it eye-catching for the work it’s doing with Natural Sketch and FashionLab projects.


It will be available this August, with the premium price-tag of £2,999.

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