Autodesk Introduces Fatigue Wizard for Algor Customers

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Autodesk has just announced that Algor Simulation subscription users can get their hands on the Fatigue Wizard which allows you to perform fatigue simulation without all the complexity that’s often associated with the process. Perhaps the trickiest thing about Fatigue is not the fact that it’s taking on board the effect of time and cyclic loading on a product’s performance (which is usually quite easy to understand for those with experience in their products), but usually how you go about inputting that data into your system of choice. I find it fascinating that these types of simulation are now becoming, if not commonplace, but certainly available to the masses. I’ve also had quite a few conversations with users, both from an Inventor perspective and those already using Algor’s tools, about what Autodesk’s plans are for the toolset and things are progressing – slowly, but when you’re working with this type of technology, that’s time well spent.

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