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Designers and engineers are spectacular problem solvers – this, after all, is the reason that our jobs exist. I suspect, it’s even built into our DNA.

We not only need to tackle functional problems, so a part or product fulfils its performance requirements, but we also need to ensure that it looks and feels good.

To do this in the modern age, we take advantage of modern tools. The revolution in 3D design and engineering software allows us to develop, iterate and validate more concepts than we could do manually.

Photorealistic rendering and immersive visualisation, simulation and analysis, as well as new production techniques that are inextricably linked to design (such as additive manufacturing and topology optimisation) all play an essential role too.

Together they help us squeeze the most out of the changing world of design and engineering, taking full advantage of new market places, new materials and new innovations.


DEVELOP3D Live gives the design, engineering and manufacturing community the perfect opportunity to compare and contrast these new innovations and also learn from peers about new workflows, processes and tips and tricks that can help use existing technologies more efficiently.

You’ll learn how established tools like Creo, Fusion, Solidworks and Solid Edge are embracing generative design. You’ll also see a new generation of modelling tools.

Brad Rothenberg of nTopology, for example, will talk about a new approach to modelling geometry (an implicit method) and how that can benefit the design of complex forms.

Mirrakoi will show how it can help simplify complex organic modelling, LimitState will demonstrate new design optimisation technology that helps engineers develop lighter, more efficient, truss-type components, and Gen3D will present new generative design tools that it hopes will disrupt the way components are designed for additive manufacturing.

Morgan Fabian, Autodesk’s R&D Manager, AI Projects, will explain how convergence of design and manufacturing will bring us new benefits, particularly when assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

Simulation-led design will also feature prominently, with Ansys showcasing its latest developments, Coreform introducing a new technology that can run simulations directly on smooth splines and Altair showing how designers can perform structural analysis directly on large CAD assemblies in seconds.

Jonathan Heath from Brompton Bicycles, will also explain how the latest simulation technologies are helping keep the iconic brand ahead of its competition.

For additive manufacturing, you’ll get the low down on the very latest technologies and also learn how to introduce additive manufacturing successfully into your business. There’ll also be plenty of machine vendors and service providers on hand to help you prototype your designs and ultimately bring these projects to fruition.

For visualisation, Academy Award winner Henrik Wann Jensen, CTO of Luxion (the developer of KeyShot) will talk about how high-end visualisation and virtual reality are merging, Bomper Studios will discuss how it streamlines the flow of detail rich CAD data for use in advanced visualisation.

Delegates will also be able to get hands-on with the world’s first retina enabled VR headset from Varjo which allows you to experience designs at a level of detail never seen before with an HMD.

We will also have workshops for those looking to learn how to secure thousands of pounds in R&D Tax Credits or how your IP could be better secured, especially as Britain leaves the EU.

See you in Sheffield 17th April! Claim your free ticket at develop3dlive.com.

Render them speechless, Henrik Jensen//Luxion

2:15pm // Viz Breakout

Join Academy Award winner and Luxion Chief Technology Officer, Henrik Wann Jensen to learn how the demand for product visualisation is increasing and tomorrow’s needs are changing the product experience.

This includes efficiently using visualisation throughout the development of a product to present product experiences to customers in visually engaging ways, including photoreal VR.

Delivering detail in ID with AM, Serat Babu//Betatype

11:55am // Additive

Manufacturing Breakout Industrial design has always been influenced by the capabilities of manufacturing processes – a reality that can lead to technology limiting what can be achieved through the design process.

Betatype’s CEO will explain how combining greater technological control with expertise, additive manufacturing can now expand these possibilities rather than limit them.

Computational design & implicit modelling, Brad Rothenberg//nTopology

2:35pm // Auditorium

As engineering and manufacturing methods become more complex, so does the generation of the geometry associated with it.

nTopology’s CEO will explain how we need alternative ways to represent a solid model to enable a step change in the type of parts we can create, enabling us to lock down and solve the next generation of big data engineering problems.

Bionic display VR, Urho Konttori//Varjo

3:15pm // Viz Breakout

Designed fully for enterprise users, the Varjo VR-1 head-mounted display brings a VR resolution and experience unlike any other.

Join Urho as he gives you an exclusive look at what this newly launched product is capable of, now and in the future, then get hands-on with the tech on the exhibition floor.

Effective metal additive manufacturing, Umit Aydin//GKN Additive

11:15am // Additive

Manufacturing Breakout GKN Additive’s Global Business Development Director, Additive Manufacturing will explain how to introduce additive manufacturing (AM) successfully into your business, how to make proper use of the technology and how to identify use cases to drive your business.

Creating great CAD-driven visuals//Bomper Studio

12:15pm // Viz Breakout

Marketing teams’ need for speedy, 3D content is ever-growing and in response, the importing of CAD data has needed to be streamlined significantly.

Bomper Studio will discuss this trend, the studio’s process for working with detail-rich CAD models, and how to use Cinema 4D’s importing tools to empower yourself as an artist.

Morgan Fabian R&D Manager AI Projects Autodesk

Reclaim creative freedom, Morgan Fabian//Autodesk

11:35am // Auditorium

Separating design from manufacturing is no longer a viable strategy. Autodesk’s R&D Manager, AI Projects, Morgan Fabian, will explore how by converging design and make, you can lessen the need for deep manufacturing expertise, make team collaboration easy, and increase innovation bandwidth by leveraging a new process aware partner: generative design.

Jonathan Heath, Brompton Bicycle

How Brompton is advancing product development, Jonathan Heath//Brompton Bicycle
10:15am // Auditorium

The Brompton bicycle is an iconic and beautifully refined engineering product. To get where it is today took many years of engineering development using very much a traditional build, test, break approach.

Today its designers are utilising FEA tools to help reduce development time, for both new developments and for existing bike improvements.

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