HyperWorks adds early design stage cost estimation tool to partner portfolio

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Hyperlean has joined Altair’s Partner Alliance, bringing its LeanCost design cost estimation tool to HyperWorks users.

LeanCost provides manufacturing cost estimation in the early design stages with the aim of helping keep project schedules on track, with detection of potential roadblocks and eliminating unexpected expenses.

In addition to cost planning, LeanCost is reported to be able to define technological parameters of a project and suggest the best production process based on general and specific customer needs, allowing customers to identify and make the necessary changes to optimise a product.

HyperWorks users will be able to use LeanCost to help estimate design costs easier in the design process


The tool includes a standard database of machines and raw materials populated with worldwide data, which have the capability to be customised according to specific customer needs.

An Italian start-up founded in 2010, Hyperlean’s industrial partner is advanced machine tools company Biesse Group. LeanCOST is its main product, while offering consulting services dedicated to the introduction of systems in specific industrial sectors with a continuous support.

“LeanCost aligns perfectly with Altair’s vision of supporting design engineers in achieving the optimal design solution throughout the entire product lifecycle,” said Rocco Cappiello, VP Altair Engineering Analytics.

“Having the capability to estimate cost in the early concept phase helps design for various manufacturing methods, and provides an extensive process knowledge base for cost analysis, even in the absence of in-house process experts.”

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