ZBrush release 4R7 – adding KeyShot 5 to the mix

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ZBrush 4R7 has new modelling options and KeyShot 5 integration

Pixologic has launched the latest version of its much loved ZBrush modeller, release 4R7, adding in some features that have been much longed for by its users.

The biggest announcement is the new KeyShot 5 integration, giving fast moving modellers a render option that gets quick and simple results.

New 64-Bit support should allow the user’s workstation to tap all available memory and processing power for more details, complex models, and importantly, faster operations.
New modelling options, include ZModeler – where low poly ‘box’ modeling meets ZBrush’s standard tools to quickly create shapes, fuse polygons, delete blocks of geometry and more with promised ease of use.

Elsewhere, designs with a less ‘computer generated’ feel can be achieved with the Surface Noise system, improved to combine noise sources. At the same time, two new functions have been implemented: NanoMesh, which goes beyond simply inserting meshes and allows the user to manipulate them on the fly, together with ArrayMesh, which is an advanced instance creation system.

ZBrush 4R7 is listed at $795 and KeyShot for ZBrush + Bridge (list $349) are available through Pixologic, with a limited time deal to get KeyShot for ZBrush + Bridge for $249 (saving $100).


The Bridge is available by itself at $149 for those who already have KeyShot.

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