Testing: How the new iPhone 6 stands up to third-party product testing

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Dropping your brand new iPhone 6 could end in tears

Here in Blighty we’ve been shelling out £4.6 billion over the last two years on repairs to our hand held devices, which begs the question: just how badly designed are they?

In that time the DEVELOP3D collective device murder number is approaching double figures, so we feel your pain, but with designs getting increasingly thinner, with a greater prone ‘face’ area, how does the next generation design hold up?

Apple’s latest iPhones, the 6 and 6 Plus, were put through comprehensive tests over the weekend as part of SquareTrade’s regular Breakability Index, replicating common scenarios in which phones are damaged by owners.

In the tests, robots dropped, dunked and pushed the new Apple products to ‘everyday’ limits


Carried out by robots, the new phones were tested against 8 criteria: size, weight, panel strength (front and back), a drop test, a slide test, a ‘gripability’ test and a water resistance test.

The robotic tests examine how far the phones slide when pushed across a table on their backs, how well they withstand drops from four feet and how well they perform during and after being dunked in water for 10 seconds.

Materials selection including advances in things such as tougher glass (you can rant on to each other in your own time about ‘sapphire screens’ and what not), plus the curved angles spreading out pressure points all have an impact on the overall solidity of the design.

Watch the video below to find out how the thinner, lighter models got on.


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