Weekender: Pump out some pumpkin candles for Halloween

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Halloween pumpkin candles – a useful and moody thing to make this spooky season

Instead of trawling through the rafts of STL files of various halloween tat to be 3D printed, why don’t you have a go at vac-forming some rather useful, and still spooky, halloween candles.

The folks over at Mayku have created this video on how to create a whole handful of wax candles in the shape of a pumpkin with nothing more than a handy Form Box (other vac formers are available…) and the dinky little seasonal squash of the season.

Watch the video below to get some ideas of what you could make this weekend that doesn’t involve making more nasty stuff to end up in the landfill.

Using the Mayku Form Box to make two mould halves, lots of the candles can be made


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