Autodesk to create consistent user experience for its products

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The User Interfaces of established products like Autodesk Inventor (top left) are vastly different to next gen tools like Autodesk ReCap (bottom right).

Autodesk is working on delivering a universal user experience for all of its 100+ products with the development being led by Maria Giudice, former Facebook director of product design.

“I really want to focus on experiences here,” said Giudice, now vice president of experience design at Autodesk, in a recent interview with Fast Company.

“You know, Autodesk has over 100 products, most of which have come in through acquisitions, so there’s no consistent user experience across our products. I want to get Autodesk thinking about that entire chain of experience, and create a universal language for our UX.”
It will be interesting to see how this project develops, specifically in relation to using CAD tools on multiple devices, including tablets.

Maria Giudice, Autodesk’s new vice president of experience design, who will head up the project.