Vero look to show how 3D printing can mix it up with mould design

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The process of using 3D printed inserts for short run tooling is going to be on show at the Moulding Innovation event

The possibilities offered by 3D printing sometimes seem endless and futuristic, but Vero Software is hoping to show that in the here-and-now it can be used to bolster tooling options for manufacturers.

On 7 May it is holding the Moulding Innovation event, an educational seminar where it will show how 3D printing can be used to create production inserts for low batch tooling and also how 3D printing can be used to create more complex inserts with advanced conformal cooling circuits.

This will also come with practical help on how this can be simulated using flow analysis software, while industry suppliers will show off their latest technology and give views on the changes within the industry.
“The objective is to bring mould makers up to date with the latest technologies and also dispel the myth that 3D printing is a threat to the industry. In fact, the technology should be considered complementary (when you wipe away the hype and fluff),” explained Vero’s Marc Freebrey.

The event’s keynote speaker will be knowledgeable 3D printing industry figure Graham Tromans – a man with direct experience of working with additive manufacturing technologies for over 23 years and is currently Chair of the Additive Manufacturing Association in the UK.

Prototype tooling from HASCO and 3D printed mould inserts by Sys UK are also something that should attract some attention.


Finally, Hexagon Metrology will be there using the Romer Absolute Arm with laser scanner to showcase the benefits of reverse engineering mould tools with the latest technologies.

The event is taking place at SECO Tools in Warwickshire. For more information click here.

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