Stratasys gives Objet 1000 Plus a speed boost to bring versatility to an industrial scale

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The new Objet 1000 Plus is expected to be 40 per cent faster than its predecessor

Stratasys is hoping that a 40 per cent speed boost can bring its mammoth Object 1000 Plus machine into contention for industrial use producing end-use parts.

Its 1000 x 800 x 500mm build envelope now comes with a new optimised print block movement, said to accelerates print speeds up to 40 per cent faster than its predecessor, while maintaining its multi-material abilities.

Alongside other refinements and a simplified post processing, costs-per-part should also see an improvement from the original machine launched in 2012.
Users can choose from more than 100 Stratasys materials including the range of ‘digital materials’ that can combine two resins in a single material for a wider range of material properties.

“Today’s designers and engineers at manufacturing companies and service bureaus need an additive manufacturing system that can take on all challenges – large and small,” said Ron Ellenbogen, Stratasys product marketing director.

“We believe that’s the big advantage of the Objet1000 Plus Production System. It is the first of its kind to combine large print sizes, multiple materials, accelerated print speeds, super fine resolution and a simplified workflow.”