Take to the polls: CAD by numbers

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How many CAD programs are you running? (Elmo can’t work CAD – he’s as dumb as a bag of spanners)

Having stumbled into Monday once again we thought we’d liven proceedings a little with a little click-box polling – but first; the results from last week’s poll digested.

We shipped over the figures to our editor in chief Al Dean, who hastily analyzed the percentages in an airport somewhere in India to come up with the following conclusion:

“I was curious about this one because back when we ran MCAD magazine, we did a bit of research to find out how and why people were using rendering technology.

“One of the key indicators for me was how users were outputting their images – what was the selection criteria for the resolution.

“Back in 2007, the results indicated that 23% of users were outputting to screen resolution, with a further 24% outputting up to 2,000 pixels wide.


“That’s shifted in favour of higher resolution images, with the majority now outputting 3,000 pixels. Bear in mind that screen resolutions have changes dramatically since, with HD monitors becoming the norm for many.”

So there you have it – the more pixels the better in this modern world.

But this week we’re interested in just how many CAD programs you work with on a daily basis? Do you have a one-stop program that has all the bells and whistles you need, or a plethora of packages that you dip in and out of for whatever reasons?

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and questions on the comments section below.

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