Ultimaker helps bring 3D design to US education with new program

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Teachers will be able to gain help and support from others in their position via the Ultimaker Pioneer Program

With the official launch of its Pioneer Program, Ultimaker is aiming to connect educators throughout North America who are passionate about bringing 3D printing and design into K – 12 and higher education.

The Ultimaker Pioneer Program allows educators to share their 3D printing knowledge sharing useful content on the new Ultimaker Education website, while maintaining ownership of their own content through Creative Commons Attribution, Share-Alike, and Non-Commercial licensing.

By visiting the Ultimaker Education website, other educators throughout North America will have access to resources and knowledge that may not be available locally.
“This program is not simply about having new high-tech gadgets in the classroom, it’s about creating a whole new way of learning: There’s a big difference between using technology and learning to create and innovate with technology,” said Ultimaker’s North American president John Kawola.

“Knowledge of 3D modeling and printing is an integral, and often forgotten, part of STEAM education that will open up many doors for the next generation in the workforce. The first step in fostering these important skills is putting the right resources into the hands of educators—and that’s our mission for the Ultimaker Pioneer Program.”

For the teachers, the process of picking up these skills can be a daunting task, given the recent rise in 3D modelling and 3D printing in curriculums around the world.


“Teaching 3D modeling and printing in our schools is a relatively new educational endeavor and faculty are on the front lines, figuring out the best methods of teaching as we continue to learn about the topic ourselves,” said Burton Isenstein, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. “It’s smart to tap into what’s already happening in classrooms throughout the world and the Ultimaker Pioneer Program will help educators build a base of knowledge upon everyone’s experience.”

The community currently has a presence in 21 states with 58 educators who are passionate about using 3D printing in education to inspire, excite and motivate their students.

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