Rise of the digital twin: Flowserve embraces Ansys system for realtime analysis

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Following the adoption of the new system, Flowserve will be able to advance its existing design process to encompass realtime simulation [above is a marketing animation]

A leading provider of industrial pumps, seals and valves has announced its new use of Ansys’ simulation software to produce ‘digital twins’ of its products.

Flowserve becomes one of the first companies to harness the complete system of virtual physical prototypes, which it expects to improve product quality and performance, enhanced development productivity, optimised maintenance and reduced overall costs.

An enterprise license agreement will provide it with broad access to the Ansys portfolio and its technology specialists, to combine simulation technology with Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.
Earlier this year, Flowserve demonstrated the use of the digital twins with one of its flow control systems at IoT event LiveWorx.

“Our customers expect Flowserve to bring value added products and services to their business. This strategic agreement better positions Flowserve to continue delivering offerings that enable our customers to operate more efficiently and effectively,” said Flowserve CSO Keith Gillespie. “We expect our utilisation of IoT technology and Ansys simulation capabilities to increase the value we provide when our customers need advanced flow solutions.”


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