Peugeot Design Lab gets gnarly with Surfboard concept

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Ready for some Point Break-style action, the Peugeot GTi surfboard

As far as experimental products go, Peugeot – makers of hot hatch cars and much more pedestrian pensioner mobiles – has gone out on a limb for summer with its GTi Surfboard concept.

Blending traditional surfboard materials (er… wood) with carbon fibre technology, they’ve slapped on quad fins along the edge of a scalped tail, designed to give a ‘responsive, exhilarating and agile’ ride quality.

Having been brought up along the coast from this, trips to the seaside tended to avoid dips in the water, so we’re not best placed to comment on the added responsiveness, or potential lethal nature of four carbon fibre blades, but it certain fits Peugeot’s mantra of ‘technology and innovation working together in motion’.

Carbon fibre quad fins designed for more responsive action when onboard… possibly not great if you come a cropper and it clacks you on the head…


The ‘coupe franche’ (clean cut, mon ami) design separates the two ends of the board to represent Peugeot’s brand values – where the ‘Motion’ end of the board is a precise, hi-tech shape optimised with a carbon fibre tail piece, while the leading edge nose is shaped from wood, embellished with its brand signature ‘Peugeot GTi’.

You can find out more about what other projects (moins fou) the Peugeot Design Lab has been up to here, including airline seating and an Airbus helicopter.

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