2012 Paralympics: Superhuman talents mixed with some tricked-out engineering

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A hero of the Olympics, South Africa’s Oscar Pistorious is now looking to light up the Olympic stadium for the 2012 Paralympics

In case you’re living under a rock, in some backward town or (acceptably) in a storm shelter in New Orleans, you’ll be aware that the London 2012 Paralympics is now underway.

As well as some incredibly inspiring sportsmen and women competing in highly competitive, attention-grabbing contests, you’ll also see some ridiculous technology being implemented: You won’t see welding going on during a break in play during a standard rugby game.

Already DEVELOP3D has covered some of the equipment being used including Great Britain’s wheelchair basketball team, and one of the stars of the games Oscar Pistorious – stay tuned for some more during the events.

Not convinced? This should change your mind…


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