Take to the polls: Future CAD

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The Doc and Marty still couldn’t get over the PTC ‘CAD Jail’ routine

Following a busy week where the ‘future of CAD’ has been thrown at us all from several different directions, it’s taken a while to adjust to normality (and post this blog).

Last week we looked at trade shows, which on the face of things, are not the most attention grabbing of subjects.

We offered the poll findings to D3D’s digital editor Stephen Holmes for some analysis:

“Its not hard to see that with only forty-something votes that trade shows hardly set the heart on fire with emotion (the poll the week before was well over 100 more than that).

“However, it still goes to show that with 46% of those votes, people are turning up to get an invaluable firsthand look at technologies that might be new to them, or that plain tickle-their-fancy.


“From the recent trade shows we visited this is very true of rapid prototyping machines and scanners, while software vendors are becoming a rare breed at shows mostly because what they do can be easily covered on the internet.

“22% found that it was the ideal place to network with others in the industry; a place where a lot of useful people are in the same room for some face-to-face time, considered a luxury in today’s working environment. Yet, much to the chagrin of many of the stand holders, it would seem nobody is showing up with the preemptive thoughts to actually buy anything.

“On a more negative side, 17% of people feel that there’s nothing there for them so don’t bother going in the first place, while a combined 15% only turn up for a day away from their desks, and for the benefits of a free biro or two.

“With show organisers the world over promising visitor numbers in their thousands, and hundreds of stands at their events, it might be worth remembering (whichever side you’re on) the wise votes of this poll.”

This week we’re looking back to the future! Sadly no hoverboards, DeLoreans, or incestuous advances from your mother – but having been promised the future of CAD a the PTC Creo launch, we’d like to know what you want from the future of CAD?

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