Take to the polls: Cloudy up ahead

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Blue sky thinking? How are you taking to the idea of cloud computing?

Having spent a weekend shivering out in the cold, staring at the grim spectacle of some low budget fireworks going off in the aid of Guy Fawkes Night, we’re trying to get some feeling back in your digits with our clickable poll.

But first we hand over our storybook of last week’s scary Halloween poll of ‘CAD in the future’ to our own crazed, crystal ball-staring madman, Martyn Day:

“It would seem that even though the push for direct modelling comes with a lot of hype, over 68% of respondents are actually interested in have direct modelling in their CAD solutions, this is good news for the developers.

“That said, the most emphatic grouping wanting direct modelling capabilities, almost 11%, is still only a niche of designers.

“There appears to be a fairly high degree of engineers dissatisfied with what’s currently available, with over 36% of engineers wanting the software to just bloody work properly.


“The lion’s share want the current ‘impossible’ combination of intelligent direct modelling and history-based parametric modelling, which has so far evaded the developers.

“PTC is making noises in this direction but we yet have to properly see it. My colleague, Al Dean, believes this ideal of mixed approaches is still a couple of years away.”

It was good to have all your feedback, especially in the comments section.

This week we want to know about The Cloud – that fanciful place that could ease your CAD lifestyle, or be a possible risk to your data:

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