Stratasys cements Adobe relationship to make colour 3D printing ‘more accessible’

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Around 1000 colours are now possible from Stratasys’ colour 3D printing technology

Having stripped back its PolyJet 3D printer line-up to the multi-material colour Connex3 systems, Stratasys has further boosted its credentials with Adobe’s specialist software.

With a goal of not only streamlining the assigning of colours and patterns, but also removing the process of paining up and harsh post processing, the Creative Colors Software tools are set to launch in standard Adobe Photoshop this May.

It is hoped that further 3D printing tools in Photoshop will open up 3D printing to more 2D focussed creatives – using the same tools they are used to, and being able to share 3D files simply through PDFs.

Adobe’s ‘print engine’ technology also eeks out nearly 1,000 colours from the Connex3 machine, as opposed to the few hundred available when it was launched, with the exact palette available in Photoshop, so whatever colour is picked by the designer will come out of the machine.


Stratasys chief business officer Josh Clamant, said: “Stratasys is committed to enabling wide adoption of 3D printing, stimulating unprecedented creativity, new flexibility and dramatic innovation.

“Now, we’re teaming with Adobe to take this vision additional steps forward, ensuring 3D printing is easier and more attainable.”

Also launched are two new materials for the Connex3: Vero PureWhite, a rigid, opaque white producing 20 percent more brightness and UV resistance than the current VeroWhite. And, VeroCyan has been improved with a brighter, more vibrant appearance.

The Objet Connex3 series has been reduced to the Objet260 Connex3, Objet350 Connex3, and Objet500 Connex3 models.