‘Stop printing crap’ on your 3D printers

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Dave Hakkens, a designer from the Netherlands, is calling on those who own or who have access to 3D printers to “stop printing crap” just because you can.

He urges users of 3D printers to use the materials responsibly and not create useless tat that will gather dust on their desk and eventually head to landfill.

Sites such as Thingiverse have literally tens of thousands of 3D models that users can download and use to print off all manner of things like keyrings, wrenches, flimsy spectacle frames, arty objects, weird ornaments, vases etc. etc. In other words, objects that, according to Hakkens, are crap.
His solution may just help you to print responsibly… “I made a 3D model for all you 3D printer enthusiasts out there. Something you can print that is super useful. It is a reminder to put on your printer, counter or wall because we shouldn’t waste precious material.”

Watch his amusing video and download his ‘stop printing crap’ 3D model on Thingiverse here.