Single automated post processing machine for 3D printed parts aims to tackle multiple materials

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PostProcessing Technologies has launched Hybrid DECI Duo, its first automated machine for support removal and surface finishing of 3D printed parts of all materials.

Tested with FDM, SLS, SLA, Polyjet, Multi Jet Fusion (MJF), CLIP, Ultem, Metals and more, PostProcessing claims its intelligent algorithms will offer fast cycle times for even the most complex parts, including those with internal channels, organic geometries, and honeycombs.

A single, multi-functioning system, the Hybrid DECI Duo has been designed with a space-saving footprint to optimse production floor space.
“Through a combination of optimised energy, exclusive detergents, and suspended solids, the system is guided by our patent-pending Agitation Algorithms to remove support material and provide the desired surface fnish while preserving fne-detail part geometries” said a spokesperson.

The Hybrid DECI Duo also includes an LED lighted chamber, noise reducing features for a low dBa, and the flexibility of a manual mode to allow for hands-on part finishing.


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