Rolls Royce concept blows roof off driverless cars

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Set in a future not too far away, the concept for Rolls Royce’s latest road car, the 103EX has something of a luxury walk-in bath about it’s design.

In a driverless and possibly electric-powered age, passenger comforts are still top of the bill for the brand that epitomises elegance, so a retractable roof makes it possible for its two passengers to simply stroll in, sit on the plush leather bench seat, and let the Spirit of Ecstasy guide the way to their destination.

By removing the boot, and instead creating a bespoke luggage compartment in the spaces behind the semi-covered wheel arches, the designers have the ability to enlarge the passenger bubble into limousine dimensions, but maintain a sporty tail fin and cropped rear end.

The design has something of a walk-in bath about its new, one-sided entrance


The Rolls Royce vision for future driverless cars is typically luxurious

With every car manufacturer [plus every man, woman, child, dog, social media company and consumer goods provider] ‘working‘ on the driverless cars of the future, this slab of British granite, softened by refined lines and comfy furnishings, is definitely getting our choice over the Google car.

A dedicated luggage bay allows the extension of the cabin, while not impacting the already barge-esque length of the vehicle

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