Rhino for Mac finally gets full launch

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Rhino can finally be used on Mac

Last week at the UK Rhino User Meeting we were privy to the announcement that Rhino for Mac would be happening soon – in fact it launches today.

Those wanting to get straight into trialling Rhino for Mac can utilise the 90-day free evaluation download, here.

However, the highly anticipated release does vary quite a lot from the current Rhino 5 for Windows product – plugin support is not quite there yet; there’s a question mark over the Rhino Script properties, and there’s no Grasshopper or VRay yet.

The full list of differences can be found here.


Features like Plugin Support, Layouts, Worksessions, and Animation Tools, while not included in the initial release, are planned for subsequent updates, and those who have purchased Rhino 5 for Mac will receive these updates at no additional cost.

Grasshopper 2 development has already started, and although it’ll still take a year to appear, Rhino is aiming to make it cross platform from the beginning.

A commercial licence of Rhino for Mac will cost €295 at launch. If you beta tested Rhino for Mac and own Rhino for Windows, there’s an even cheaper offer of €95.

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