Renishaw partners with Identify3D to add security and traceability to additive manufacturing

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Identify3D will provide data protection and enforce production rules

Renishaw aims to offer an end-to-end, secure digital manufacturing process through a new collaboration with digital supply chain software company Identify3D.

SanFrancisco-based Identify3D will provide data protection coupled with contractual and manufacturing licensing from design to production on Renishaw AM systems.

According to Renishaw, by choosing to secure all digital data in the engineering phase, the technology enables users of its systems to protect their digital intellectual property, enforce production rules and provide traceability in the digital supply chain at the industry’s highest standard.
The two companies are currently working together on pilot projects for several manufacturing customers that will enable sectors such as aerospace, automotive, defence and medical devices to accelerate their adoption of additive manufacturing.

“Renishaw understands how important it is to have an efficient and reliable control of data flow all the way to its machines,” said Stephan Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer at Identify3D. “We are pleased that Renishaw, one of the world’s leading engineering and scientific technology companies, has selected Identify3D as a strategic partner to provide such a solution to the market place — from design to distribution and production.”

“Industrialising additive manufacturing requires that we manage and control a complex chain of processes to deliver consistent, traceable and qualified parts,” said Marc Saunders, director of global solutions centres at Renishaw.


“Secure transmission and controlled use of digital IP is critical to enable agile Industry 4.0 supply chains.

“We believe that Identify3D brings a strong and necessary solution that will increase these controls, minimising variation to improve and protect AM production quality.”

The news follows Identify3D’s partnership earlier this year with Siemens to provide similar security and traceability for its Digital Factory softwares.

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