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AESUB adds new products to its 3D scanning sprays line-up

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AESUB has announced two new variants of its vanishing aerosol sprays for use in 3D Scanning workflows.

The new sprays – named Orange and Green – are not a novelty switch up of colour, but add new scanning times and distribution methods.

AESUB Orange is a longer-lasting version of the original product, with the aerosol version allowing users to perform more complex (and therefore time-consuming) scans. This should please users looking to capture seriously complex geometries.

AESUB spray Green Automotive
The new Green version can be applied using a standard spray gun for greater coverage

AESUB Green has been developed as a bulk version, capable of being applied using a spray gun. The use of a professional sprayer over a rattle-can means the scanspray can be applied faster over large objects, and then 3D scanned using handheld, metrology or terrestrial laser scanners.

All the scansprays in the line-up mattify the surface – meaning that details can be captured from even transparent reflective or deep pocket objects.

The spray creates a matt, white coat reducing reflection and other inhomogeneities and thus provides an optimal scanning condition.

Unlike traditional sprays, AESUB vanishing scanningsprays are free of pigments that allows its application directly on spot of scanning, greatly increasing efficiency and productivity within the digitising processes.


Additionally, the spray has no nano particles, which gives a very thin and consistent coating at a thickness that’ll have little effect on scan accuracy, before it disappears completely after a few hours.

We’ve previously found the sprays a useful addition to a 3D Scanning workflow – you can read more about that here – and were left that impressed that the original AESUB vanishing spray made The D3D 30 2020.

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