HP 3D Printing now ‘everywhere’ thanks to online 3D Hubs platform

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HP’s 3D printed Nylon parts are now available globally through 3D Hubs

While we’ve been inundated with news of individual 3D printing bureaux announcing their unwrapping of HP’s multijet fusion 3D printing technology, some of us have been too far away to benefit, until now: 3D hubs has taken its availability online.

Partnering with service providers and guaranteed shipping, 3D Hubs is the first to make it globally available – beginning with the launch material, PA 12 (Nylon) in Grey and Black.

“At 3D Hubs we’re proud to be the first online platform to provide access to this new technology, giving designers and engineers a chance to try this new technology for themselves,” said 3D Hubs CEO Bram de Zwart.
“This launch is in line with our core goal at 3D Hubs of providing accessibility to the latest technologies and newest materials available in 3D printing.”

3D Hubs is partnering with 3D printing service providers Kurz (Germany), My3DPart (France), 3iD (Belgium) and Go Proto (USA) to fulfil the orders from its online service finder, having shaken off its ‘local maker’ constraints and moved into the pro sector.


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