CoolOrange Powergate 2024

CoolOrange launch PowerGate 2024 for data management

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CoolOrange has unveiled PowerGate 2024, its solution for data management in engineering and manufacturing with an end-to-end integration between Autodesk Vault and ERP with a real-time live connection.

This feature allows for BOM data transfer and a two-way communication, providing instant feedback to users.

With a focus on data quality and governance, PowerGate priorities automation and workflow optimisation to streamline processes. Its scalability and performance should allow users to effectively handle large volumes of data and support their growth.

Acting as a centralised platform, the software allows teams to collaborate in real-time, fostering communication and enhancing efficiency, while keeping track changes, compare versions, and manage revisions, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information at all times.

Data visualisation tools let users gain insights from complex engineering data, enabling informed decision-making.

CoolOrange says that PowerGate 2024 ‘seamlessly integrates with popular CAD and PLM tools’, enhancing interoperability and maximising productivity, all the while prioritising data security, offering ‘robust encryption and access control features’ to safeguard sensitive information.

“PowerGate represents a significant leap forward in data management solutions,” said CoolOrange CEO Marco Mirandola. “Its robust features, user-friendly interface, and seamless integrations make it a game-changer for engineering and manufacturing industries.


“We are confident that PowerGate will empower businesses to achieve new heights of productivity and innovation.”

2024 also features updates to sample scripts for ERP BOM tabs where failed BOM row creations were mistakenly marked as successfully transferred in the BOM Window. BOMs are now created with a ‘deep-create method’, ensuring that they are transferred as a complete unit and correctly marked as erroneous, ensuring accuracy in the transfer process.

So far CoolOrange has developed over 900 projects with more than 80 Autodesk resellers in 19 countries around the world.