Prodways launches luxury, design, art and architecture division, plus an entry level SLS 3D printer

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Combining ‘hi-tech expertise with skilled craftsmanship’, Prodways has launched its ‘Les Creations’ division to serve its 150 clients in the luxury, design, art and architecture sectors with tailored and sometimes unique creations.

Set aside from its more engineering-focused customers, the division, based in Haute-Savoie near the Swiss border, is specifically dedicated to creative professions, the products will be marked with a “Made in France” label.

At the launch Prodways sister company, design for 3D printing agency Initial, suggested that the luxury, design, art and architecture markets are a priority for it, with clients already including 25 watchmakers and jewelers of the Place Vendôme, scenography, design and architecture agencies, as well as national museums.

Equally of interest is Prodways’ move into the entry level Selective Laser Sintering market with a sub-€100,000 3D printer, the ProMaker P1000.

An extension of the ‘Prodways powered by Farsoon’ range for the industrial segment, the machine is a development of the acquisition of Norge Systems back in March 2015.


ProMaker P1000 demonstrates Prodways’ ambition to make industrial plastic powder laser sintering performance accessible to a wider market in order to facilitate innovation and the development of new applications.

Offering a smart temperature control system for thermal stability, and a reportedly ‘fine laser’ for high-resolution items with mechanical properties, few details were available, although it will work with the majority of the current Prodways SLS materials.

Sadly, this does not seem to including a brand new PA6 polymer powder developed by BASF jointly with LSS, Hunan Farsoon Tech Ltd and Varia 3D

According to the release: “BASF’s development of this new PA6 material for 3D printing by laser sintering technology is a major breakthrough for the industrial sector… with the similar mechanical resistance, hardness and thermal stability properties as parts produced today in PA6 via traditional injection techniques.”

Widely-used in the automotive and electronics industries, PA6 can replace metal where lighter-weight parts and reduce production costs for large parts are needed.

Prodways ProMaker P2000 HT SLS printer, also of the ‘Powered by Farsoon’ range, offers a high temperature capacity and operates at 220°C to guarantee the material’s mechanical properties.

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