Prime Cuts: Hear me now!

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This week we’ve turned to a rather nifty ‘glory project’ from Dassault Systèmes DesignStudio team in conjunction with designer Jean Hong.

The Helix-IR concept is a wireless high definition sound headphone to show what CATIA’s capabilities are for creative designers and internal collaboration between designers and engineers.

With some exciting use of metals, laser cutting and the likes, they’re rather good looking (except for the DS branding of course), but will never see the light of day outside of the world of highly polished renderings.

The software showcase combines:

– Subdivision of surfaces (imagine & shape) for creativity and exploratory modelling
– Parametric surfaces (generative shape design, part design)
– Seam and grid pattern automatic geometry generation (CATIA Knowledgeware)
– Rendering with CATIA live rendering


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