Makers: Piccolo to Portugal as UK team heads to Lisbon MakerFaire

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The tiny Piccolo CNC robot will be journeying to the first Portuguese MakerFaire

A UK-based team is heading out to Portugal with its open-sourced, pocket-sized, CNC robot – Piccolo – as 110 Maker projects from across Europe descend on Lisbon’s MakerFaire.

Costing less than $70, Piccolo is an Arduino-compatible kit for tinkering, and playing with basic CNC output – plotting a quick graffito, printing a one-off business card on the fly, or multiple Piccolos working together to create a large mural – digital fabrication at a small scale.

The team behind it are refining the prototype into an open-source design that is simple, quick to assemble, and easy to use, and is entirely composed of digitally manufactured components and inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware.
Produced by London-based Kiwi ex-pats Diatom, the Piccolo will form part of the 90-project Maker show – the first in Portugal.

Hosted at the Pavilion of Knowledge between 19-21 September, the event will feature three days of talks, demonstrations and workshop, with highlights including the BITalino, a low-cost toolkit enabling applications using body signals to control devices, and the RiftCycles, replicas of Tron’s famous bikes controlled by the Oculus Rift VR headset



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