On the road: Everything seems a bit MadMax as tech goes cross country

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The Stratasys 2014 Roadtrip sets off later this month

How do you get your software or hardware into the hearts and minds of respectable US designers and engineers? The answer appears to be ‘with a road trip’.

Today Stratasys has announced it is the latest company to pack up the RV, throw some of its latest 3D printers in the back and to head off across the United States of A to spread its gospel.

Hitting the road in Boston on 21 October the Stratasys 2014 Roadshow will then slink its way cross country, somehow ending up in Toronto on 21 January – but that is unless it ends up in a road war with the 3D Systems road warrior ‘Cube Odyssey‘, and Autodesk battle cruiser ‘3DRV‘.
While we’re waiting for these heavyweights to clash, most likely by our estimations in the dust of the Mojave Desert, we can always sit back and expect scenes like this:



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